Shopping has evolved dramatically over the last decade, providing more choice and convenience whether shopping at brick-and-mortar stores or browse online for their purchases. Then, with the explosion of demand in online sales between 2020-2022, many of us faced the reality of the pressure on logistics which re-defined what convenience really meant. It may seem easy to assume it’s a generational divide between those who choose “traditional” or modern shopping methods, but in reality, if you could have the best of both, wouldn’t you say…Gimme! Gimme App offers you the convenience of online shopping while our Buddies shop in-store to get what you need faster than standard delivery methods.

Online Shopping

It’s hard to dispute the benefits of online shopping. Few would dispute the convenience of around-the-clock shopping from the living room and the magic feeling of having your purchases at the door when you get home from a hard days work.


It’s no surprise that some shoppers prefer to remove the pressure altogether by relying on online shopping sites where they can take their time and not feel forced into a sale by somebody working on commission or just trying to help.

Gimme still upholds this ease. Your Gimme Buddy will enter the store with your specific shopping list and only purchase what you need or an alternative if unavailable.


There are many options to choose from, such as whether your product comes from brands or sellers – both local and international. You can even reach small independent shops that may have been far off your radar before the development of online shopping.

With the growth in online sales, stock limits are hit a lot sooner, especially for the small businesses. While everyone is rushing to get the last pair online, you can hire a Buddy to head in store and get the one off the shelf!


The convenience of online shopping clearly stands out. A shopping list that once might have required an entire day of shopping can now be completed in one sitting thanks to online shopping platforms – if you can wait for delivery. You can also squeeze in some shopping whenever you have the time, whether that’s during a 15-minute break at work or after the kids are in bed for the night.

Our easy to use app and on-demand delivery improves the online shopping you’re used to. With Gimme, customers can select any store or category, upload photos of items and their price to build a shopping list then hire a Buddy to shop & deliver what they need in as little time as one hour!


Crowds have been a shopping headache for a long time, but the pandemic has made them even more of a deterrent. Even with the efforts to enforce social distancing in stores, it’s nearly impossible not to find yourself within six feet of other shoppers as you browse the shelves or round an aisle.

Gimme allows you to sit back and relax while a Buddy gets what you need. We find the closest driver to your shopping destination to get them in-store as fast as possible with your specific shopping list to deliver what you need as fast as possible.

In Store Shopping

Shopping in store still has many benefits and a prominent place in retail. Some things are unique to an in-person experience, such as physically examining a product or discussing your needs with a knowledgeable sales associate. Let’s not overlook the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what you’re getting when you leave the store with your merchandise in hand. No one likes to worry about the timeliness and accuracy of online order deliveries.


When you shop in-store, there’s no waiting around for an item to arrive. You immediately have what you need – and there are no shipping costs. For shoppers who like to quickly eliminate items from their shopping list, it’s appealing to visit the store and leave with your purchase.

Online orders can have you waiting 2-10 business days for your order to arrive. The Gimme app allows you the convenience of online ordering while a Buddy heads right to the store and delivers what you need ASAP.


A friendly and knowledgeable sales associate, combined with an up-close look at the products, creates a more personal shopping experience. From bookstores to car dealerships, personal recommendations and expert guidance can be quite helpful.

We keep the control in your hands. With our live chat, you and your Buddy stay in touch and can check the quality, availability of your items and work together with store attendants to maintain that personalised experience and ensure you get exactly what you’re after or find an alternative.


One of the most compelling reasons to visit your brick-and-mortar stores is the support you give to local businesses. Many shoppers are willing to forego convenience and savings in exchange for supporting their local community. When you shop local, you’re getting more than just a product. You’re strengthening the local economy.

We pride ourselves on no store limitations to allow our customers to think and support more local businesses. If your local store has a website you can screenshot the item and upload the price for your Buddy to head in and purchase for you. No store limits means no one is left behind.

There are many benefits to shopping in-store and online, and Gimme truely brings them together. Using our simple app, you can generate your shopping list from any store you wish and hire a Buddy to head in-store to shop and delivery whatever you’re after in as fast as one hour. Give it a go today and enjoy the convenience of Gimme.


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